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I fell in love with the Python language and Django framework during my first year at University, and extended that passion for web application development using the newest technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and rapid development techniques like Bootstrap, LESS and similar…


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Docker November 14, 2017

Docker on Kimsufi – how to change kernel on Ubuntu 16.04 and Debian Stable

Kimsufi is providing small VPS machines at really low costs. This solution is really great when you need a small hosting for your stuff that needs to run 24 hours. Combining it together with Docker creates really great solution to host multiple applications on single server. This tutorial will help you installing and setup Docker on server.

Docker November 21, 2017

Pining repositories on Debian Stretch (stable)

When setting up new production server it is always good idea to use stable release of distribution. This approach will assure you that all used packages are already patched for all known vulnerabilities. But sometimes packages provided in repository are not enough, especially when some of software requires newer version of library or application. You could always switch to testing or unstable version of Debian, but this connects with higher risk for serving content. What about only installing couple packages from testing repository instead of switching whole system? This can be easily achieved using repository pining!

Django January 11, 2018

ElasticSearch in a simple way

Recently at Tivix I had to implement full-text search functionality. There are many solutions that I could use, but there

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